My First Blog Post

Your home is your

1st business

Employer: do you have any managerial experience.

Me: Yes I manage 2 toddlers a teenager and a husband 365 days a year.

— Jessica Veerapen

Being a entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. When I first even though about stepping out on my own I debated with myself on whether or not it was a good idea. I’m in the beauty and barber industry. I’ve been teaching just as long as I have been behind the chair. But that’s neither here nor there. When I went to school they didn’t teach work/home balance, let alone how to manage the money that you would make. This was a lesson I had to learn through trial and error.

Three years into my career I met my husband. Boy was that whirlwind. I mean I had just got the hang of being an adult with a 7 year old. My credit was good, I had a great career, I wasn’t living in the negative anymore. Life was wonderful, or so I thought. If your married then you know its hard to adjust roles in the first few years. Lets just say we did everything wrong when it came to joining forces. I was a single mom for 7 years so I was in control of my money, my home, my life.

Fast forward to present day. We are 2 days away from our 7 year knowing each other anniversary. I know I just made that up. But seriously 7 years ago we met each other on November 15 and haven’t been apart since then. Now that I am7 years in, I’ve learned a few things that is keeping my life as organized now as it was when I was single with a 7 year old.

Jessica’s 7 tips to managing your family

1. Access the strengths and weaknesses of your spouse- come up with a plan on who will do what job. If the mom is the better bill payer, let her balance the books and pay bills. IF the dad is the better cook let him cook. Don’t get caught up in gender specific roles.

2. Be clear on who the leader is – Most people believe that the male is the lead in the relationship. Whoever that leader is, make sure you don’t make any decision without them being involved.

3. Establish who is the disciplinarian and who is the nurturer when it comes to kids. There has to be a balance when it comes to raising children with two parents from different backgrounds.

4. Choose a system (faith) that you will follow to guide your family through life. Everyone needs a moral compass or they will go nowhere.

5. Communicate daily. Having clear communication eliminates doubt, fear and not trusting one another. You will have a better understanding of how someone feels and how they process what your wanted them to understand.

6. Acknowledge the aha moments. When good things happen make a big deal out of it. People like to be praised and celebrated.

7. Most importantly have fun!!! Go out and dance, bowl, skate, skydive and have lots of sex.

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